I’m not that familiar with this particular race – a hillclimb event known as the Course de Côte Turkheim - 3 Epis – but I’m pretty sure I want to buy it expensive lotions and stalk it like a creepy ex. Mostly because of the incredible variety of cars this race has. Here, watch:

There’s so much good stuff in there, whipping around that turn, one after the other. It’s dizzying. There’s modern Renault racecars, a rare and beautiful CG Simca racer, spitting ass-fire, an E30 BMW, things that look like Formula or CanAm cars, a freaking maniacal 2CV, Porsche 911s, Caterham 7s, and what has to be my favorite, this crazy-ass motherfucker:

Holy shit, right? What the hell is that? It looks and sounds sort of like one of those tiny Sans-Permis /Quadracycle European city cars, but stuffed with some bonkers, high-revving motorcycle engine.


I bet if you grabbed the driver of that thing out of the car, they’d have a pulse similar to a hummingbird’s and eyes that looked like two swirling hypno-discs.

This race looks incredible. I know a lot of hillclimbs are like this, with a huge diversity of classes and cars; I really need to get out and see one of these in person.

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