This Porsche 911 is from a picture I took right off the screen of an Apple //e running 1988's Test Drive by Accolade. It’s using the Apple II’s Double Hi-Res graphics mode, available on 128K machines, which started as a side effect of the 80-column text mode. It’s a weird mode: 560x192 pixels, but color pixels technically take 4 pixels wide, so it’s like 140x192 for 16 colors, but white and black (and the gray, kinda?) can take advantage of the 560 resolution, all on the same screen at the same time as the 140-wide color pixels. That’s why if you look at the green arcs of the wheel arches and the white rims of the wheels, you’ll see the white can draw much smoother curves. Bet you didn’t think you’d be reading this geeky shit this morning!

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Our schools first computer was an Apple II, dual 5-1/4 drives and 32K of memory. We could not run the cool games. Or you dialed into the mainframe and used a teletype 10 CPS. Kids in the class before me used Punch Cards