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This Old Ship-Carrying Ship Is Cursed To Live Out Its Days As A Billionaire’s Yacht

A ship that ships ships is now a yacht that yachts yachts.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A photo of the OK super yacht.
This yacht looks OK, I guess.
Photo: Timur Bozca

If you need to ship a ship, you need to turn to a ship-carrying ship. These feats of engineering can be partially submerged to allow smaller vessels to board, before they are carried across the ocean. Now, one luxury boat builder has seen these vessels and thought they’d make a great yacht for a billionaires.

Enter, the motor yacht, OK.

This impressive machine has just launched out of the Turkish Karmarine Shipyard. It took the ship maker three years to transform an aging Japanese transport vessel into the new billionaire’s plaything.

A view of the rear quarter of the super yacht OK
Would it be OK if I parked my 150ft yacht on your deck?
Photo: Timur Bozca

Designed by Timur Bozca, the luxury yacht is based off a Japanese transportation ship named Super Servant 3, which was built by commercial shipbuilder Oshima Shipbuilding in 1982.


After being taken out of service, the ship underwent a three-year restoration process. This included the installation of essentials like a sun deck jacuzzi, swimming pool, outdoor cinema, tennis court, botanic garden and four aquariums. You know, basic yacht stuff.

When it came to that expansive deck out back, Bozca wanted to retain its functionality. So, the space that was previously used to transport things like smaller ships and research vessels has been transformed into an open-air garage. Oh, and it also comes complete with a 40-ton crane and a vertical wind turbine. Just what every self-respecting billionaire wants from their luxury yacht.

Because of its upgrades, the 35,000 square foot open deck can now accommodates different gadgets, crafts and toys. Bozca says it can fit everything from a 150 ft sailing yacht to small tenders, buggies, amphibious vehicles and even a sea plane.

A photo of the sunk section of motor yacht OK.
Oh no, my yacht sunk. Wait, it’s OK.
Photo: Timur Bozca

In order to load these exotic toys, OK retains the party tricks it had in its previous life as a transport ship. That means the rear section of the deck can be submerged so aquatic crafts can sail straight on.

As Boat International explains:

“A car ramp allows land vehicles to be driven onto the deck while seafaring vessels can sail straight on board thanks to the yacht’s ability to submerge the aft platform.

“The vessel takes on water ballast to allow the load to be floated over the deck; once in position, the ballast is jettisoned and the ship’s deck and cargo return to sitting above the waterline. Smaller toys and tenders can be launched and recovered via a 40-tonne crane.”


That’s a handy trick, and only adds to the bizarre yacht’s feel of being a private floating island.

A photo of a seaplane parked on motor yacht OK.
Does this seaplane fit in OK?
Photo: Timur Bozca

And, if you want to bring some of your super-rich pals onto your super stupid yacht, you can.

OK has space to accommodate 20 guests, and features an owner’s cabin with panoramic 360 degree views of the ocean and your new floating dominion.


The cost of this 475 ft monstrosity? Well, that’s confidential, as is the name of the owner who shelled out for this aging transport ship disguised as a luxury yacht.