This Old Forest Service Ford Bronco And $15,000 For Gas Or A 2021 Bronco Base: Who You Got?

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This U.S. Forest Service-spec V8 manual-shift ’95 Bronco is so mint my breath got better just looking at the pics. It was just listed for $15,000, and the 2021 Ford Bronco just dropped starting at about $30,000, so the question is begged: Would you rather have a new one or this oldie plus a bunch of money for fuel and maintenance?


I don’t know who’s listed this 1995 Ford Bronco XLT on Facebook’s marketplace, but they were polite enough to type up a pretty comprehensive listing that tells the story of a very desirable used truck.

Unfortunately, it looks like it’s already sold as I write this. But we can still enjoy images of it and imaging if it’d be more fun to own than a new one.

If you’re actually in the market you can click the link above and read the whole thing, but I’ll copypasta the highlights:

“...It is a retired US Forestry vehicle originally from South Dakota, hence the color. This one comes with the 302 (5.0L) V8 , five-speed manual transmission, manual transfer case, and manual hubs which have been upgraded to Warns.”

Oh doggie, that there’s one sweet spec on a classic ’90s 4x4.

The new Bronco is incredible, glorious, and basically everything we’d hoped it would be. But you can’t have it with a classic V8 and manual shift pairing, plus, there’s something awesome about the ambiance of an earnest old truck.


Prices are kind of all over the place for these big-bodied Broncos. There are plenty of tired ones for sale for cheap, and usually, a few well-prepped Baja’d out beasts that are expensive. Not too many are preserved as well as the USFS rig in these pictures, so I’m not surprised it went off the market quickly.


If I got gifted $30,000 to spend on a fresh base-model Bronco or this one and had to use the surplus on running costs, I don’t know, it’d be pretty darn close. The new vehicle’s safety and comfort level will leave the mint green truck in the dust. But then again... manual V8!

Hat tip to Cooper!

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$15k is a lot for the last gen Bronco. I had the same thing, pre-face lift, where they just updated the headlights and grill, everything else was pretty much identical, and I paid $3500 for it. I bought mine as a tow vehicle for my race car, but I got about 13 mpg and was crap in the snow without a center locking diff...

Wait a min... I just checked Craigslist and, holy crap...

These things have gone crazy! $12,500???? This is *exactly* what I had, the Eddie Bauer Edition, same color and everything, and when it came time to sell, I was asking $3000, but only got $2000. Daum! I should have kept that thing...