This New Ford Bronco Trademark Does Not Mean The Bronco Is Coming Back

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It's true: Ford filed for a new trademark on the name "Bronco" just a few days ago. Now please stop interpreting that as the second (well, sixth) coming of the Ford Bronco. There's no indication whatsoever that that's the case.


Sure, we all miss the awesomeness of two-door SUVs and everything else we just can't have. But Ford has never had serious plans to do so since the fifth major redesign... aka "OJ" bodystyle, despite the famous retro-future 2005 teaser.

As Ford puts it, again:

"While Ford values the iconic Bronco name and history, there are no current plans for a new Bronco."

New Ford Bronco rumors can mostly be traced to a hilarious April Fools post from Four Wheeler magazine, and have since been perpetuated by 4x4 fans. Myself included.


Forums like bronco6g have lit up in the last few days, trying to interpret US Patent Office Trademark 86546626 like it's some kind of rune.

As of February 26 2015, the following "Standard Character Mark" was applied for by the Ford Motor Corporation:

BRONCO (as related to) Automobiles; trucks; vehicle parts for automobiles, namely, shock absorbers, shock absorbing springs, vehicle anti-roll bars, braces for suspension struts, exterior metal decorative and protective trim, exterior plastic extruded decorative and protective trim, differentials, gear shifts, hoods, fascia, steering wheels, seat trim, parking brakes, wheels, brake discs, brake calipers, brake pads, engines, engine or motor mufflers, exhaust pipes, exhaust headers, air intakes, oil fill caps, coolant fill caps, engine valve covers, ignition coil covers, radiators, and exterior insignia badges.


Ford, like all-companies, re-ups the trademark on its valuable monikers once in awhile. There might not be a 2016 Bronco but there sure as hell are plenty of toys, t-shirts, video game placements... you get the idea.

It's not coming back guys.

At least... NOT YET! Haha, sorry, couldn't resist. Yeah, no, I really don't think it's coming back.


Sad, slow hat tip Anthony, Sean, and all the other Bronco hopefuls out there.

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There was also no indication that they would be revealing a brand new near production ready GT a month ago... so, there's that.