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We asked what you reckoned a 2015 Ford Bronco should look like and got some great submissions. MontegoMan562's design was far and away the most recommended with 86 Stars, but since he had the advantage of being first in I thought it was only fair to celebrate everyone who made a contribution.

His truck is featured above, in his words:

This is a 2 door version I just shopped together of the VelociRaptor 4 Door SUV that you can custom order from Hennessey.

It's EVERYTHING we need a Bronco to be. V8, Offroadable, SUV, Tough.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm pretty pleased with it.

Here are the runners-up, in order of how many star-clicks they had. I have to say, I'm impressed with the Truck Yeah! readership's sense of humor.


2. TrevorF with 30 Stars

3. 03subaruwagon, 27 Stars


4 (tie). WizKashifa, 18 Stars

4 (tie). lie2me with 18 Stars


5 (tie). DarkNick with 14 Stars

5 (tie). greasemonkey with 14 stars


6. Art with 13 Stars

7. TokyoBayAquaLine with 8 Stars


8 (tie). Muggster with 7 Stars

8 (tie). nauypop with 7 Stars


8 (tie). WisKashifa with 7 Stars

9 (tie). JMeisner1210 with 4 Stars


9 (tie) BrianMadigan with 4 Stars

10. NoCashToGoFast with 3 Stars


11 (tie). Triborough with 2 Stars

11 (tie). Benny 90 with 2 Stars


And finally, here's my entry. I wanted to make an open-roof, but I hit the limit on my 'Shop skills.

Thanks for playing!