This Morgan Is The Only Car To Have A Speaking Role On The Muppet Show

Oh good, you're still here. Glad I caught you. See, I thought it was super-important to let you know the name of the Morgan roadster that had a role on a 1980 episode of The Muppet Show. Are you ready? Have a notebook? Here's the name: ZZXKL.

ZZXKL's name was taken from his license plate, and the British car was arrested for being double-parked in the Fozzie Bear Muppet cop drama sketch, Bear Patrol. Here's more details:

He cannot speak English, but Patrol Bear and Link surmise that his name is pronounced "Zikskuhl." Since they cannot understand what he says, a police interpreter (played by Gonzo) is brought in to translate. After deciphering his native "tong" (which is accomplished via squashing Patrol Bear's nose with a large pair of steel tongs, making him squawk), the car reveals that he is a three-year-old imported vehicle who doesn't know where his driver is, but likes an occassional sip of motor oil. It's not his fault he was double parked.


Got all that? Good. Okay, I think now you can more effectively enjoy your weekend.

Just remember: ZZXKL, the red Morgan.

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