This Mercedes G500 4x4² Has Been Modded Specifically for Mall Crawling

Screenshot: Jon Olsson (YouTube)
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Who among us hasn’t rolled up to a parking garage in an SUV on 36-inch tires and portal axles and realized, shucks, this is one glamorous square-peg-round-hole situation. The solution is simple: give your truck a haircut.

Pro skier Jon Olsson’s Mercedes G500 4x4² “Lord Hans” has had many looks, but the latest chop-top convertible is somehow the most practical. At least, if you’re trying to optimize this caricature of an SUV for city living.


Not only has the roof been removed, but it looks like the windshield is about half as high as it’s supposed to be, bringing the overall height of the vehicle back toward the top end of normal cars. The wood trim used to cover up cutlines is actually rather elegant.

DT Mobility in the Netherlands is apparently responsible for this project, which took “about a year and a half” to execute.

From the video’s thumbnail you can tell that Olsson’s crew ended up making a soft top to close the G up, but I think I like the post-roof pre-fabric solution the best:

Screenshot: Jon Olsson (YouTube)

The rest of the video is as insufferable as any other beautiful wealthy person’s selfie vlog so I couldn’t make it through the whole thing, but I am glad people are out there enjoying and exaggerating the hilarity of the already-ridiculous portal-axle G-Wagen.

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