The Mercedes G500 4x4²: When Six Wheels Is Too Many Wheels

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Let's face it: At the end of the day, how many wheels do you really need? I've heard of some people who make do with just two! And that's why the Mercedes G63 AMG 6x6 is fun, but a bit unnecessary. For those who can live just fine with four wheels, meet the G500 4x4².


I know what you're about to ask, because I asked the very same thing: "Isn't a four-wheel version of the 6x6 G-Class just... a G-Class?" And the answer is kinda, yeah, but there are some tweaks with this one. This G500 gets the same increased ride height, boxed fender flares, larger tires and portal axles as the 6x6, just with four of them and without the truck bed.


Mercedes merely teased this image today ahead of the SUV's debut at the Geneva Motor Show next month, so it's not clear what engine lies under its hood. It's likely not the twin-turbo 5.5-liter V8 in the G63 AMG, so we expect a naturally-aspired version of that motor instead.

Expect to see more in March from this bright yellow off-roading beast.

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