This McLaren-Honda F1 Partnership Still Blows

Photo credit: Kurt Bradley

McLaren finally tossed its partnership with Honda aside, meaning the team will have a new, different, hopefully slightly better Renault power unit for the 2018 race season. But the McLaren team still has to ride out (however much it can of) the 2017 season with a Honda power unit, which totally blows.

We’re serious. The situation blows, it’s an epic failure, it... you get the idea. Just ask Fernando Alonso, who was out of the U.S. Grand Prix just 25 laps into the race on Sunday.


McLaren executive director Zak Brown called into the television broadcast, saying it “unfortunately isn’t the first time this year” that McLaren’s had a Honda engine failure. Ha! We’d say. Brown said Alonso would’ve been in the points, and that he’s “counting down the races to next season.” There are three, after this one.

That Honda power unit looks like it’ll make McLaren suffer all the way to the bitter end of the season, which will mark the end of a rather heartbreaking yet hilarious era. But maybe it’s a good thing that McLaren finally ended its Honda misery, because the jokes are getting harder and harder to come by.

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