This Little Fiat 126 Is An Absolutely Huge Burnout Beast

I am trying to be as forthcoming as I can when I say that I don’t know much about what the hell insanity led to this moment. But what I can say with certainty is that someone turned a little Fiat 126 into some sort of raging supermutant that now belches fire and beautiful, beautiful tire smoke.

In its mightiest stock form the Fiat 126 put out 26 horsepower. I have no idea what this one is putting out now, but I’m willing to bet its at least 27 horsepower, and it’s entirely possible (maybe) that it’s more than that. I can see twin turbos, helpfully painted red, sticking out from where the hood is supposed to be, and it sounds like a V8 to me.

It’s hard to tell much else because it’s all completely obscured by tire smoke.


And to that I say, brah, you clearly do not. All you need is a Fiat 126 and a bit of imagination.


Correction 2:21 PM: I, a moron, originally said this car was a Fiat Uno. It’s not. It’s a Fiat 126. I can’t believe I did this. I should’ve known better. A small part of me feels like it DID know better. And it makes the build even more impressive, as the Fiat 126 is rear-engined, as opposed to the front-engined Uno. God. I’m sorry. I fixed all the references. This blog is now about a Fiat 126.

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