This Little Alpina BMW Makes Hybrids Look Stupid

We find it entertaining that Consumer Reports just started to realize there is no replacement for displacement, while auto makers claim we should chop off our right foot if we want better fuel economy. But instead of laughing, we present you the solution.


Have you ever considered getting a BMW to improve your daily mileage? Maybe investing in one of the future i models has crossed your mind. Well, forget it, we have a much better idea!

In 1981, Alpina's entry model was the C1, a coupe based on the E21 323i with a 2316 cc engine producing 170 horsepower. But since that could only achieve 46 mpg (as long as you were not doing more than 144 mph on the highway), that's not what they brought to the Shell Kilometer Marathon, a fuel saving challenge organized by Auto Motor und Sport Magazine. Instead, they came up with an aerodynamic (and probably detuned) 318i, which won its category by doing 105.72 miles per (imperial) gallon.


So forget electricity or tiny turbos, be nice to your right foot, and get yourself a classy Alpina 3-Series this spring!

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