When it comes to making Lego model cars, the more curvy the car, the more difficult it is. Just look at the difference between how the Lego Beetle and the Lego Mini had to be made. That's why before I clicked the link for this Lego 1969 Corvette, I wasn't expecting much. I was very wrong.

The '68-'82 C3 Corvette Stingray body style is still one of the most exuberantly curvy and flowing designs around. It's about as easy to make something that looks like that out of Lego bricks as it is to make a sandwich out of a variety of soups. Even chunky soups.

But, I gotta hand it both to the builder, Brickdater, and to the remarkable variety of Lego bricks available, because this model is pretty spectacular. The proportions and shape are dead-on, and those flowing curves have been approximated with a pretty remarkable degree of accuracy, thanks to some clever brick staggering and smoothing with the right curved and angled pieces.


There's even a plausible-looking V8 under the hood (with inverted radar-dish air cleaner), removable T-tops, well-appointed dash, huge side pipes, the proper 4 round taillights and even marker lights. This thing looks great.

It looks like you can vote this into actual production by Lego if you're so moved, and that seems like a pretty good idea to me.


(Thanks, Dave!)