Sure, we were all pretty impressed with what Ken Block was doing with that bonkers Mustang in Gymkhana 7, but Block had some pretty big help there: most significantly, he was in a car, not a school desk. This kid here doesn't need some "car" with its "motor" and "wheels." Just a desk, some obstacles, and a pair of hardworking feet.

At first I thought this had to be some stop-motion animation thing, but if you look at the kid's feet, it's clearly not. I'm not exactly sure where this was shot — the Arabic title suggests something Middle Eastern, and the source I found this video from seemed to be active in Egypt — so perhaps this is from an Egyptian school?

I'd say the kid looks roughly middle-school aged, say between 13-15 or so — pre official driving age, I'd think. That desk doesn't look too light, which makes all this more impressive, and I have to hand it to the teacher here, who apparently appreciates this kid's raw talent enough to clear space in the classroom for his tiny figure-8 track there. Unless this is before or after school.

Also, it's hard for me not to think of this:

So, if anyone familiar with Arabic or schools in that region can help, I'd love to know more about this kid! Somebody needs to get him into a car, pronto, or, maybe even better, get him a helmet and an even faster desk (I'm thinking carbon fiber) and let him take this Deskhana thing on the road.


That's might fine desk driving, kid. Keep it up.