I'll be honest with you, readers, because you're the only ones I really trust: I love a good fiasco. I mean, if something's going to go wrong, I love a nice avalanche of wrong to really settle things. And it should end with a parade, or maybe a dead horse. This video of a guy trying to park a Fiat 500 comes shockingly close to that.


First, the guy seems to have zero ability to gauge the size of things. I'm sort of surprised he hasn't choked to death by now by trying to cram entire pineapples in his mouth. He then makes what looks like a 79-point turn until he's effectively turned his tiny car into a roadblock. It's an achievement.

Traffic piles up, people honk, then a biker gang shows up, and finally freaking priest leading an on-foot funeral procession — all stymied by this one dude who has no idea how big his car is. It's amazing. It just needs a Chinese dragon prancing through the end or maybe a couple of guys transporting glass panes, or maybe a Piaggio Ape full of cream pies to really finish the job.


Was this staged? I mean, it had to be. Right? Maybe? Man, I really want to believe.

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