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A Florida man was arrested early Saturday morning for repeatedly driving over a teenager's '94 Camry with his lifted four-wheel-drive Econoline. The car-crushing occurred at the Redneck Yacht Club's "Swamp Cabbage Weekend" festival, which is typically a gathering of the temperate and polite.

The Herald Tribune reports that the lifted van's 40-year-old driver was egged on by a crowd to drive over the unattended Camry after two other trucks unsuccessfully tried to crush the small car.


"The owner doesn't care. You can do it," shouted the crowd.

The white van man succeeded in crushing the Camry, but once the young woman found out about her car getting crushed, it wasn't long before the man was arrested on a felony charge of criminal mischief.


(Hat Tip to: zerobandwidth!)

Photo Credit: Charlotte County Sheriff's Office


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