This Is Who Just Bought Saab

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Saab died a very sad death, killed by GM and the weight of its own sad history. But someone, somewhere has saved it again. Or at least part of it.

The company's administrators will announce a new owner sometime today. Any guesses? Have they bought the whole company or just a piece of it? Will we see a resurrection of their concept cars? Right now more questions exist than answers.


Just don't get too excited. Like Kenny from South Park, Saab only exists to be killed again. You bastards!

UPDATE: Looks like Chinese/Japanese-Swedish company National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) bought Saab with the intention of producing, mostly, electric vehicles. Saabs have always been strange, so why not?

UPDATE 2: Our friends at Saabs United have more details on the purchase, but here are the bullet points:

  • NEVS bought the intellectual property rights to the 9-3 but nothing else
  • The first new Saab product will be an electric 9-3 for China
  • The cars will be designed and built in Sweden

(Hat tip to Kiwi_Commander!)

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bugattatra - parallel double-park that muthafucka sideways

Purchase a car brand with virtually zero chance of successful resurrection.

Use it to exclusively market electric cars.

Sounds viable!