GM might try to kill Saab, again

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Less than two weeks ago it looked like Saab was finally close to selling itself to the Chinese and thus saving the brand, again... maybe. At least a few more months. Not so if GM has its way. Oh my God! They killed Saab again! You Bastards!

Since Saab is basically a brand with a couple GM-based vehicles and designs for cars of their own, they rely on a deal with GM to provide lots of parts, technology licenses, and the GM-based Saab 9-4X vehicle.


GM also builds cars in China and doesn't like the idea of sharing, so they said they're going to reject the proposal out of fear it'll hurt the company.

First, GM killed the brand with mediocre product and neglect. Now they're not going to let someone else save it, out of fear of borking themselves. Dick move.

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Pibbs says once you go Swede

Why must GM destroy everything I love? First Saturn, then Pontiac. Now Saab? They keep culling my options into buying a Buick, Cadillac or Chevy. And none of them make a Wagon I can afford. Bring back a family wagon for a cheap price and we'll talk. Otherwise, damn you if you kill Saab!