The McLaren P1 Sounds Like A Monster At Goodwood

While the McLaren P1 isn't even technically in production yet, it's already a marvel of engineering. It's also a marvel of speed, noise, beauty, and sheer awesomeness. And this is what it looks and sounds like from the inside, with Formula One racer Jenson Button at the wheel.


Button was driving one of the few existing P1s at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, one of the ultimate travel destinations for anyone with a passing interest in cars. The sheer concentration of the old, the new, and the iconic can create a euphoric sense of sensory overload, in the best way possible.


Way back in the day, before your time, old-timers like me would look at the concept cars in the days of yore and wonder "why don't they make that?" Nowadays we're truly living in a golden era of the automobile, though, judging by the McLaren P1 though. Those swooping lines and those fluidic taillights show just what's possible when designers are given free reign to do whatever it is they want. And, my word, what they want is beautiful.

Just listen to that engine. It's a multi-tonal symphony of thunderous bass, soaring tenors, and even the piercing shriek of a soprano.

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Anyone else thing the P1 sounds... muted?