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Just How Many McLaren P1s Exist?

At E3, we heard that there are only two McLaren P1s in the world. Late last week, Autogespot's carspotters in the Netherlands found this silver P1. How many P1s actually exist?


Truth be told, I don't really care if McLaren decided to play around with how they count the production numbers on the P1. This could be in fact be the same car that Top Gear featured recently in their giganto everything-British test. This silver P1 could have been vinyl-wrapped black for that test, and mostly unwrapped in these pictures.


What is important is we get to see a P1 in silver and without the two-tone paint on the side. Do you like it better in monotone?

(Hat tip to Mochimaster!)

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Patrick Frawley

Sorry if this is a bit late or whatever, but I just figured out why it's called the "P1": that's Formula 1 driver shorthand for pole position. Cheeky, McLaren!

Also, yeah, looks much better as a solid color.