This Is What It Looks Like To Drive One Of The Most Challenging Roads On Earth

The World Rally Championship (aka Real NASCAR) is visiting the island of Corsica at the moment, nicknamed the Rally of 10,000 Corners, with some of the twistiest, most challenging roads on the planet.

The rally proper is just starting as I type this, so I’ll post clips from the shakedown stage, about three miles of some of the gnarliest roads you can imagine.


This is around the village, or hamlet, or commune, really, of Sorbo-Ocagnano in Corsica, and you can pull up the map of exactly where this all is right here on, conveniently,

Not that I would seek to recreate this particular route, as good chunks of it involve going warp speed in front of someone’s garbage cans. That works when the road is closed, and I imagine it works less so when they are not. More crash-ey, I would figure.

Great. Now all I want to do is go drive in the mountains and I’m stuck working today. This was unwise.

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