This Is What Happens When A Regular Person Tries To Pull Over A Cop

Outside of Detroit last week, one driver attempted to pull over a cop for not wearing a seatbelt. Watch as the cop just laughs it off.


It appears that angrily screaming at a police car over your talk radio is not a great way to get a cop to do something. However, as this video gets more and more views on YouTube, LiveLeak, and possibly TV news broadcasts, we will see if making a viral video is effective at getting cops to do what you want.

(Hat tip to VeeArrrSix and his wonderful beard of wonderment!)

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The Biebster's got a P71 (Formerly not Justin Bieber)

Who DOES that?! Also, cops don't necessarily need to wear seatbelts because they may need to get our of their car quickly to save your sorry ass. If I was a cop, I'd arrest him.