This Is What 69 Australian Muscle Cars Doing Simultaneous Burnouts Looks Like

On a recent sunny day in Australia, a group of people got it into their heads that they should attempt to shatter the current world record for cars doing burnouts at the same time. This is because Australia is perhaps the last place on Earth where this kind of behavior is acceptable, and even encouraged. (We know it probably wouldn't go over too well in London.)


And you know what? The Aussies may have just pulled it off, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. The newspaper reported that with 69 cars participating in the mass burnout, it most likely broke the old record of about 50 cars.

Only one of the cars died in the middle of the burnout, which coated 10,000 fans in tire smoke for about 15 seconds. The Herald figures that comes out to 138 spinning rear tires and a combined 30,000 horsepower. Hoon-tacular job, mates!

Even the Guinness World Records official present at the burnout, Chris Sheedy, said that Australia was the most likely contender to shatter such a record. "I can't think of an event anywhere else in the world where it would be more likely to be broken," he told the Herald.

Hoon of the Day? More like Hoon of the Year. And it's only early January.


Video credit Sydney Morning Herald

Hat tip to LandofMinos!

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