Watch The Documentary Where Rich Grumpy Brits Whine About Rich Arab Supercar Hooligans

Now you too can watch "Millionaire Boy Racers," the documentary we covered earlier this week about the rich Arab tourists who invade London every summer and terrorize local residents with their Ferrari, Lamborghini and GT-R shenanigans.


It's worth watching on several fronts. First, there's some Grade A supercar porn in it. Second, the cultural clash between the wealthy Brits and the extremely wealthy "Gulfies," who come to London for the summer to escape the restrictions in their countries and hoon their cars, is pretty interesting.

While I can understand why some of the London residents are annoyed, I'm a bit surprised none of them recognize the ironies involved here. I mean, no one from England has EVER gone to another country and imposed their way of life on anyone else, right? I can't think of any times in history where that's happened. Not a single one.

Enjoy it until it gets pulled, then tell us what you think.

Hat tip to Tony!



If you could fly your supercar anywhere in the world, why fly it to a place with tiny narrow streets. Why not LA?