You are sitting 350 meters above the Galichstry district in Russia. You are on the tallest abandoned structure in Russia, and yes, you are shitting yourself.

This is a not-that-old TV tower, built in the 1990s in the Kostroma region about five hours north of Moscow and 11 hours east of St. Petersburg. You might know the Kostroma region from its noted moose farm, but then again you might not.

It only took about a decade for this tower to get abandoned, but English Russia reports that a restoration project could start as soon as next year.

The tower is as tall and spindly as an 1,148 foot tall structure can be, but it's not as popular with base-jumping peabrains as you might think. You can thank the support wires for that.


I'm just going to take one more look over that know what? No, I'm not. I'm going to sit on the ground for a while.

You can see more pictures at English Russia.

Photo Credit: masterok