This Is The Scariest Thing You Can Find In An Engine Bay

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Harry Metcalfe says this electrical nightmare is in fact great, because "everything is dead easy to fix". I guess he means as long as you work for Jaguar Land Rover like he does and have a proper crew of experts at hand.

The Jaguar Series II XJ V12 Coupe is a very rare car. While they sold 78,000 sedans, only 1,800 coupes were built with the 5.3 twelve-cylinder once they figured out how to put it into production two years after it's introduction at the London Motor Show in 1973.


It was a 150 mph car in its day thanks to that rev-happy short stroke engine, and Harry's latest purchase can still do 134mph with a few upgrades up front and a swapped five-speed manual with long-gearing in the middle.

That gearbox replacing the original 3-speed auto turns the car's character into "bit of a hoot", but doesn't change the fact that the XJ C is just a massive tin can that likes to go faster than your average British GT, with a nice Momo steering wheel and some added weird features like the dual gas tanks you have to switch between manually. Because British Leyland.

I know, it rocks, no question about it.

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Proper automotive design practice, relays:

Relays should ALWAYS he mounted with the connections on the bottom, not on the side or top. This helps shield the connections from moisture, and any moisture that does accumulate will tend to run off faster. Also, any water running onto the relay falls away from the relay base and cover joint. This is standard practice now for ALL automakers. The fact that Jaguar didn't make the best of the absolute appalling Lucas components shows the complete ineptness of the Jaguar engineers, in addition to the Lucas engineers. Plenty of blame to go around on this disaster.