Harry Metcalfe says this electrical nightmare is in fact great, because "everything is dead easy to fix". I guess he means as long as you work for Jaguar Land Rover like he does and have a proper crew of experts at hand.

The Jaguar Series II XJ V12 Coupe is a very rare car. While they sold 78,000 sedans, only 1,800 coupes were built with the 5.3 twelve-cylinder once they figured out how to put it into production two years after it's introduction at the London Motor Show in 1973.

It was a 150 mph car in its day thanks to that rev-happy short stroke engine, and Harry's latest purchase can still do 134mph with a few upgrades up front and a swapped five-speed manual with long-gearing in the middle.

That gearbox replacing the original 3-speed auto turns the car's character into "bit of a hoot", but doesn't change the fact that the XJ C is just a massive tin can that likes to go faster than your average British GT, with a nice Momo steering wheel and some added weird features like the dual gas tanks you have to switch between manually. Because British Leyland.

I know, it rocks, no question about it.