Jaguar Will Now Let You Drive A Fleet Of Their Best Vintage Cars

If you don't want to drive a BMW at the Goodwood Estate, JLR Special Operations just launched the Jaguar Heritage Driving Experience where you can drive anything from a C-Type to a brand new F-Type R Coupe. Fun times.


After Jaguar Land Rover purchased a collection of over 500 classic British cars from a dentist, the Special Operations team got to work preparing some of them for Jag's new driving experience program where people can drive both classic endurance racers, road cars from the sixties and the latest gems from their lineup at the controlled environment of a 200-acre testing facility in Warwickshire.

An XK150 or Mark 2 saloon, Series 1 and Series 3 E-types, C and D-types, and XKSS or an F-Type R Coupé, you name it, they have it. Plus lunch.

I say choose the more reasonable package, and do this as long as they let you:


C-Types are much more uncomfortable anyway.

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