Cadillac just unveiled their newest race car on Twitter. It's the ATS-V-R, or maybe the ATS-VR, or possibly the ATSVR. Whatever, it looks badass.

Cadillac tooted their own horn, pointing out they just sealed up their third consecutive championship in World Challenge, a totally important racing series that people around the world know and care about and invest in at a factory level. Having done just about everything they could do with the CTS coupe race car (other than compete at Le Mans or any other hotly contested GT endurance event), they decided to throw some money at the ATS.



Look at that thing.

If that's not awesome I don't know what is.


Here's a little video of the car not running, revving, or moving. It's unclear what's under the very-vented hood. If it's a racing version of their twin-turbo V6, I will be quite happy.

Now get that thing racing, and get that size wheel as an optional extra on the ATS road car, Caddy. It looks fantastic.