This Is The Most Successful Chassis In F1

There have been more successful designs than this easily-forgotten Tyrrell, but this individual car won more races than any other in F1 history.

When I say this individual car, I mean this specific chassis, referred to as the Tyrrell 003. Jackie Stewart raced this aluminum tube with a Cosworth V8 strapped to the back in both 1971 and 1972, picking up a championship in the first year.


That tallied up to eight total wins. Teams like McLaren have won more races with specific car designs, but they would cycle through multiple chassis to get through all of that wear and tear. This one Tyrrell survived 16 races in one of F1's toughest eras.

The brainiacs over at r/Formula1 turned up this chassis, and also pointed out that Jenson Button's championship-winning 2009 Brawn came close with six wins on one chassis and Fernando Alonso's testing-to-championship 2006 Renault got even closer with seven.


Still, it's this tough old Tyrrell that still holds the record.

Photo Credits: AP, Getty Images (champagne sprayed at the 1972 French GP at Clermont-Ferrand)

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