This Is The International Space Station's Excuse For A Bedroom

It’s not so much a “bed” “room,” as it is a hidey-hole with a sleeping bag rolled up, a bunch of computers, a loudspeaker to wake you up by blaring noise into your face if there’s an emergency, and some snacks. But such is the romance of outer space.


I actually first saw this video while taking a tour of the International Space Station, hosted by record-setting astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti. A lot of people are fascinated by the toilets, but I’m more fascinated by the bedrooms. It’s one of the few truly private, personal spaces on board the cramped and noisy station.

But hey, it’s got an Internet connection. And you can make phone calls. And you don’t need a mattress because you’re just floating there.


Because you’re in SPACE.

(And space is awesome.)

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Bigger than an apartment in New York.

Cheaper, too.