The LaFerrari looks amazing sitting on the Geneva show floor. The name sounds stupid. Here is the first video of the car on track. The engine sounds unreal and it looks fantastic on the move. The name still sounds stupid.

This is our first chance to see the car in motion and is also our first glance inside the cockpit. You have a nearly square steering wheel, an adjustable pedal box, and a great looking digital dash.

So, incredible interior? Check. Stupid name? Check.

The LaFerrari also looks great while moving. The design really pops while on the fly, especially some of the one-off P4/5 inspired elements at the rear of the car. The v12 sounds fantastic and it just looks right.


Great looks? Check. Great sounds? Check. Stupid name? Check.

So, in summation: The LaFerrari (technically I guess I just said the TheFerrari) looks tremendous inside and out and sounds like gangbusters. The name? Well, it needs a little work. I suggest F70.