This Is The 2015 Lotus F1 Car In Black Goooooold

This is the 2015 Renault I mean wait no not Renault they don't have Renault engines and they're still calling themselves Lotus. Ahem. This is the 2015 Lotus F1 car. It looks mega rad.

Key points about the 201 Lotus E23 Hybrid are that:

  • it looks super rad
  • it has gold wheels
  • it has a Mercedes engine now! seriously! No more weak-chested Renault units
  • it doesn't have a twin-hull nose to skirt crash structure regulations
  • did I mention that this thing is in black gold?
  • black gooooooooooooooold

It would be a serious surprise for Lotus F1 to get back to their 'best of the rest' status like in 2012 and 2013, but with Mercedes power they do have the slightest of chances.


Photo Credits: Lotus, not Renault. Seriously, they're not Renault anymore.

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