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Subaru Rally Team USA decided to strip the traditional blue and yellow livery from David Higgins' STI at this weekend's Olympus rally in Olympia, Wash. They were going for raw, and went for plain white and bare carbon fiber in place of the flashier colors the team usually uses.

The shift in hues was intended as a clever way to commemorate Higgins' four Rally America National Championship titles. I don't really get it, but ok. The blue and yellow looks cool, but it's nice to see a change. At the end of the day, the stripped down look is certainly preferable to those iridescent faux paint spatters that were so popular throughout the '90s (even thought that look has again become hipster-fashionable as "retro").


But if they were really going for "raw," maybe they could have just painted Higgins and Drew's STI primer gray. If you want to portray basic, there's no better way than that to get your point across.

Photo credit: Subaru Rally Team USA

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