I'll be honest — I think we covered this way back in 2006, but I don't really care. This ridiculous commercial always feels good to trot out. There's the unrepentant '80s-ness of it, and the amazing realization that a "corporate executive" at one time would have driven a 4-door Rabbit. And, of course, there's the glorious use of the word "jerk."


It's rare for a video game ad today to call out potential customers as jerks and then explode their car and then forcibly place them and their spouse and children, unprepared, into one of the most dangerous sports known, but that was the '80s for you! No one gave a shit!

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Plus, those screenshots of Pole Position from the 5200 version (with its staggering 16K of RAM) don't look so bad, really! Too bad the 5200 had such awful joysticks. They were like trimline phones with flaccid robot penises growing out of them.

Also, that hand that grabs the Rabbit — is that God? Is God narrating this? Does HE call people "real jerks?" There's a lot of theological questions raised here.

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