This Is Red Bull Racing Not Saying The M-Word

The second episode of Red Bull Racing's The Making Of An F1 Car miniseries is all about carbon fibre and being careful not to spell out the M-word.


One of the reasons why running a Formula-1 team is so expensive is Bernie Ecclestone. Another is composites, which in this case means carbon fiber. Modern F1 cars use a lot of it, and the components are all custom made. Not only the body panels, but even the gearbox and the suspension is made of carbon fiber, unlike in GP2, where it's still good old fashioned steel.

Check out as Red Bull Racing talks about history, technology, lots of man hours and McLaren:

Christian Horner:

"Carbon fiber within Formula-1 is something that's been around probably approaching thirty years."


32 Mr Horner, 32:

"It's a huge impact that it'd have on the sport, the cars would probably look dramatically different if it hadn't been introduced."


...By McLaren with the MP4/1, in 1981, which won 6 out of its 43 races until it was retired after the 1983 season. A friendly nod towards Woking would have been lovely, dear almost certainly champions again!


Photo credits: Getty Images and McLaren

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