This Is Our Country, This Is Our Hybrid - Toyota On The White House Lawn

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A Plug-In Toyota Prius Hybrid is going to be on the south lawn of the White House today, but you're not going to be able to tell it's a Toyota because the hood is going to be up for photo time. Why? Because it doesn't sit well with the domestic automakers that a Toyota is there (why no Chrysler Hybrid? Oh... wait) and the White House won't stand up to the Big 3, even though Toyota is creating jobs in his adopted home state of Texas while the Big 3 are cutting jobs and benefits. That Prius I just told you about isn't supported by Toyota even though it gets close to 300 MPG. The Middle East is as unstable as it can be without devolving into chaos because we don't make or support many cars that get good gas mileage. But hey, Anna Nicole Smith is getting buried in the Bahamas, so I'm sure everything is going to work out fine.

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