President Bush: "Someday You're Going To Be Able To... Drive 40 Miles On Battery"

Talking about energy policy yesterday in the middle of a cornfield, because why the hell not, President Bush said something that caught our attention:

"Someday you're going to be able to get in your car, particularly if you're a big-city person, and drive 40 miles on a battery. And by the way, the car doesn't have to look like a golf cart. It could be a pickup truck."


What's striking about this is, ignoring the golf cart variety vehicles and long-crushed GM models, there's the Toyota RAV4-EV and Ford Ranger EV, which had ranges of 116 and 65 miles, respectively, and are still on the road. Sure, he's probably referring to the unreleased Saturn Vue Plug-In Hybrid, but we feel it our responsibility to point out the rare occasions when this administration says something misleading.

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