This Is Our Country, Damn It! Chevy Trying To Play Some Oneupmanship On Toyota?

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Am I the only one who thinks it may not be just a coincidence Chevrolet moved up the plant celebration of the start of production of the new 2007Amerigasm Silverado to coincide with the press events going on down in San Antonio, Texas for the commencement of production of the new Toyota Tundra full-size truck? I'm just saying — if it is a coincidence — it reminds me of the last coincidence Chevy PR man Terry Rhadigan's team had this summer.


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You know I had my GM tatoo removed from my ass years ago, but I just cant seem to get the styling of the new Toyota. The wheelbase looks goofy, the front grill acts like it tough, but then the truck has girly sides to it. We even tried to photoshop it slammed with wheels and it just looked, well, stupid. If GM was smart they would just show the new trucks parked next to the Tundra with the line "You really want to buy an ugly truck?"