This Is Japan's Most Screwed Up Car Review Site

Let's just start with that top image there. That syringe thing in that position between those legs — all I can think of when I see that is that someone's taking care of a pesky yeast infection. And that, of course, makes me think about cars. Welcome to Joy Car, Japan's weirdo sexy doctor car review/examination site.

The idea of cars and sexy ladies certainly isn't new. In fact, here in the US, the leading cause of damage to lowriders is ass-and-boob-impact-related body damage. So that part I get. It's the whole medical exam context that really moves things into a lovely ranch house in Somewhat Fetishy Acres.

That main image comes from an 'examination' of the Suzuki Spacia, a little Kei tallboy with a pretty fantastic use of space. The doctor's exam clearly shows this as she lounges inside, removing her lab coat, but keeping all that crucial medical equipment handy.

In fact, while the doctors change from exam to exam, that syringe is always there. Always. And the doctors don't really change all that much — they're always young, sexy, female doctors. I guess they're all part of some sort of program to get young women more interested in automotive medical sciences.


Looking through this site is pretty, um, fascinating. When run through Google's translation-bots, the contexts of the examinations get even a little weirder, as they're two-way interviews between the doctors and their car patients, with the doctors often smitten with schoolgirl crushes on the cars.


Look at these panels from the GT86 exam — the idea of 'sports cars' are translated into 'idol singer,' driving characteristics become 'signing style,' and the interior upholstery becomes 'underwear.' They've turned a review of a capable little sports car into a strange teeny-bopper J-pop fan interview. With a doctor. And a syringe.


Sure, it's probably a little NSFW, but you really should probably spend a good portion of your work day puzzling over this. After all, it's science. There's lab coats and everything.

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