This Is How You Do Honda Grom Burnouts

Even the most die hard members of the "two wheels bad" brigade can admit that the tiny Honda Grom is wonderful. But can it do burnouts?


You better believe it can, and this helpful YouTube video is here to show you how. Thanks to this excellent display of Gromness — this most magnificent showing of Gromnocity — it gets a rare motorcycle nod for Hoon of the Day.


Hoon on, Grom owner. Hoon on.

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I did a burnout on my moped once

Up against a curb with skinny tires like that,

All it took was a cylinder bore (50 - 70cc), high compression head, new gearing, new exhaust, new air filter, hugeo carb, high octane fuel, and about a billion hours of timing and tuning (yay magneto/ points ignitions)

It was fun as fuck though, and i used castor oil in that batch of gas so it smelled great with the rubber smoke

Soonafter my clutch grenaded but i'm sure that was unrelated