Honda finally saw fit to grace U.S. shores with a proper Monkey Bike. And you know what the Texans are doing with it? Damn right they're racing it. Welcome to the Grom Prix.

Granted, it's not called the Grom Prix, but it absolutely should be. It's part of the Texas Mini Grand Prix series, which hosts over two dozen classes that cover everything from 50cc two-strokes to 150cc fours. But it's the new Grom class that has me contemplating a call to Honda and a ticket to Texas.


For the uninitiated, the pint-sized Grom is a 125cc single-cylinder, fuel-injected four-stroke that's barely legal to ride on city streets. It's tiny wheelbase is just under 50 inches and with a full tank and all the fluids, the Grom weighs a scant 225 pounds. Yes, it's only for bombing around your neighborhood and tops out just north of 50 mph, but for a hack like me that's just now venturing onto the track on two wheels, it's perfect – particularly when you consider it starts at $3,200. Even better, only three racers are competing, so there's a solid shot at the podium.

[via krtrong]

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