This Is Apparently The New BMW Z4 Concept

BMW has famously declared that sports cars are all but dead, but at some point they must have said “fuck it” to team up with Toyota and bring us a new roadster. We’ll see it later this week at Monterey Car Week, but for now here’s a teaser.

Word on the street is this concept, previewed on BMW’s Facebook page, will become the next BMW Z4. Even more importantly, its platform will also underpin the new Toyota Supra, or whatever Toyota ends up calling that thing.


We don’t know much else for now, except that if it is indeed related to the Supra a range of four- and six-cylinder turbo engines are expected. We can’t tell much from this photo, either, but it definitely looks more aggressive than the last Z4—wide rear fender flares, a narrower kidney grille and a kind of pouncing stance.

It doesn’t look bad here. Expect to see the full reveal on Thursday, August 17. 

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