The BMW-Toyota Supra Project Could Spawn Different-Sized Sports Cars

Say, what’s going on with that BMW-Toyota joint sports car project that’s been in the works since 2012? It’s apparently chugging along as both companies figure out exactly what they want to get out of it. According to a new report, that could mean different sized sports cars for each brand. » 3/24/15 10:28am 3/24/15 10:28am

You Didn't Realize You Needed A Triple-Turbo Diesel BMW Z4 Until Now

AC Schnitzer's goal of making bad decisions into a viable business model consistently delivers. The latest bit of evidence is this BMW Z4 with the M50d's diesel shoved into the nose and tuned to put out 620 lb-ft of torque. That should do. » 3/18/15 7:20pm 3/18/15 7:20pm

Ask BMW Team RLL Drivers Graham Rahal And Bill Auberlen Anything

Love the beastly sounding BMW Z4s that run in United SportsCar? We've got two of the guys who drive them in the GT Le Mans class for BMW Team RLL, ready to answer any and all of your questions: Graham Rahal, who usually runs with the team in IndyCar, and sportscar veteran Bill Auberlen. » 1/23/15 5:45pm 1/23/15 5:45pm

This Is One BMW Z4 That's NOT At Home In Beverly Hills

How much faster is a race car than the street car with which it shares its body? It's one of our favorite things to discover. Matt Farah drove BMW's newest Z4 — the SDrive35i — then jumped into a championship-winning Z4 fielded by Turner Motorsport. Yes, they're different. » 12/14/14 4:00pm 12/14/14 4:00pm

Hell Yes: The BMW-Toyota Supra Project Is Moving Forward

What's going on with that Toyota-BMW sports car joint venture, long rumored to spawn the next BMW Z4 and Toyota Supra? It feels like it's been in the works longer than the next Dr. Dre album, but today we got some news: it's moving forward, for reals. » 11/06/14 5:37pm 11/06/14 5:37pm

2011 Z4 sDrive30i M Sport: The Oppositelock Review

The N52-powered E89 with the M Sport package and manual transmission is an interesting combination of new and old in a rather often overlooked roadster: the second generation of BMW's sports car. It has electric steering, an electric parking brake, a ridiculous name, and drive-by-wire. It's also RWD, has defeatable… » 8/30/14 12:29pm 8/30/14 12:29pm

Will The Toyota-BMW Sports Car Spawn A $120,000 Lexus Too?

We never thought Toyota would be bold enough to put the Lexus LF-LC concept into production, but now it seems that they will with juicy twin-turbo V8 power. But where will its platform come from? According to a new report, the much-anticipated but little-understood BMW-Toyota sports car teamup. » 7/29/14 9:22am 7/29/14 9:22am

The Toyota Supra Is Back And It's Reportedly Part BMW

The announcement of the BMW-Toyota partnership has been as perplexing as it is exciting. Nothing solid has come of the deal yet, but it's supplied the world with scores of crazy rumors. But a new report in Nikkei Asia Review may be the most solid one yet. It also heralds the return of the Toyota Supra. » 7/11/14 9:26am 7/11/14 9:26am

The NYPD Nailed Manhattan Speedster Afroduck With Surveillance Cams

Thirty-year-old Christopher Adam Tang, the BMW Z4 driver whose purported fastest lap around Manhattan infuriated New York police, was arrested after officers tracked him down with surveillance cameras. » 9/06/13 4:43pm 9/06/13 4:43pm

This Is Manhattan Speeder Christopher Adam Tang/Afroduck In Custody

Christopher Adam Tang, better known as Afroduck, never showed his face, voice, or any other identifying characteristic in the video of his very illegal 24 minute record run around Manhattan. But here he is in handcuffs. » 9/06/13 9:13am 9/06/13 9:13am

NYPD Commissioner Declares War On 'Afroduck' After Jalopnik Article

An anonymous driver using the pseudonym 'Afroduck' claims to have lapped Manhattan in a record 24 minutes, seven seconds. Now New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly is out to catch him. » 9/04/13 12:52pm 9/04/13 12:52pm

Driver Claims New Record For Fastest Lap Around Manhattan

The first illegal, dangerous, record lap of Manhattan we know of was Alex Roy's 27 minute run in 2001. In 2010, a group called CBC broke that with 26:03. Now a new driver claims 24:07. But what exactly is a lap of Manhattan, and how do you set the record? UPDATE: We have spoken with the driver. » 8/29/13 10:07am 8/29/13 10:07am

The 2014 BMW Z4 Adds A Bimmerang And Not Much Else

With the exception of the Cayman/Boxster twins, traditional German sports cars tend to be overlooked. I don't think about the BMW Z4 that often even though I generally like it, in particular the sDrive28i fitted with the TwinPower Turbo 2.0-liter engine. None of the changes to the 2014 BMW Z4 will likely change this… » 12/18/12 8:40am 12/18/12 8:40am

Watch This Woman Repeatedly Crash Her BMW While Trying To Park In A…

We have seen some amazingly terrible parking attempts in our time, so trust us when we say this one is certainly among the greats. Watch as this lady bashes, knocks, and crunches her BMW Z4 while miserably failing to execute the simplest parking maneuver possible. » 12/10/12 3:20pm 12/10/12 3:20pm

Today I met the track girl I'm gonna marry

There's something extraordinarily sexy about a woman who can handle a car. Especially when they also dream that their plain-Jane-Z4 is really a BMW Z4 GT3 — just like the woman in this BMW web advert. Rowr! » 8/22/11 10:00am 8/22/11 10:00am

Tuner drops diesel into BMW Z4 for 63 mpg sports car

Conundrum alert gearheads! Does your lust for diesel outweigh your desire for speed? Is a sexy BMW drop-top more or less sexy when you drop in a more powerful motor for a top-o-the-line diesel fourbanger? Would you rock AC Shnitzer's 99d concept car? » 3/30/11 10:00am 3/30/11 10:00am

Build A BMW Z4 GT3 In Just Over Three Minutes

The BMW Z4 GT3's a $408,000, roll-caged, carbon-fibered, 4.0-liter V8-powered, six-speed sequential shifted track-day all-star. It also comes shipped in boxes. Watch Team West Coast Racing put theirs together in this time-lapse video compressing 600 hours of labor. [ColdTrackDays] » 9/10/10 2:00pm 9/10/10 2:00pm

Yep, That's A BMW Z4 Made Out Of Stone

Yep, a BMW Z4 made out of stone, just hangin' out, just chillin' in Beijing. Of course. Naturally. Why wouldn't it be? You know what's really weird, though? It has a full interior. More pics below. » 6/08/10 2:30pm 6/08/10 2:30pm

11 Fuel-Friendly Sports Cars For The Next Gas Crisis

Although the driving public now considers $3 gasoline to be normal, another "gas crisis" is inevitable. To help you avoid a knee-jerk beige-buying reaction, we've assembled this list of fun and fuel-frugal sports cars you can buy now. » 5/07/10 12:30pm 5/07/10 12:30pm