Screenshot: Viral Hog

If you hit a car and then just try to drive away like nothing happened, you suck. Don’t do that. If you have accepted the fact that you do, in fact, suck, and decide to be shitty and drive away, though, you may want to be somewhat less dumb than the person who apparently drove their Mercury Mountaineer into an innocent Dodge Nitro.

The reason you’d want to be less dumb is that whoever was driving seemingly attempted to escape by driving to their own driveway, about 200 feet away, leaking a trail of fluids and broken bits of plastic the whole way, effectively leaving a trail of car-crumbs that leads right to their very own car.


The Mountaineer is clearly damaged from a wreck, too, with zero attempt made to hide the car.

Good work.

(via Amy via Digg)

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