This Incredible Film Shows Why Every Car In The 1920s Was An SUV

This short film shows what rural driving was like back in the 1920s. Trust me, it's not easy, and it goes to show why nearly every car made back then was an SUV.

Now, I shouldn't say that every car in the 1920s was like the Dodge in this clip. There were a handful of sports cars and race cars back then that weren't very SUV-like, for instance. The standard family car, whether it was a Dodge or a Model T or a Chevrolet or whatever, did have the features of a modern SUV. They came with wagon-like bodies and considerable ground clearance, and (apparently) you roll them right back over if they flipped.


It's easy to see why - look at the conditions of what passes for a road and you'd want your family sedan to work like truck, too.

(Hat tip to desertdog5051!)

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