This Hot Pink VW Camper Van Is Blowing My Mind, Man

Yesterday I found a video of a train driving through a flash mudslide in Switzerland ad the universal response to the video was, forget the train, check out that hot pink camper van!


Holy crap is this thing bitchin. Here's everything I can tell you about this hot pink masterpiece.

  • It was seen in the French-speaking Broye district in Switzerland. Specifically, it was near the town of Moudon on what appears to be Highway 1.
  • It looks like VW Type 2 Transporter van, but it's actually a three- or four-door pickup with a huge camper back. In America, we didn't get the pickup, but the van version was called the Vanagon.
  • It appears to be a 1984 or 1985 model, judging by the chrome bumbers/round headlights combination paired with a lower radiator grill. The second front grill signifies a water-cooled boxer engine available from 1984 and on. (UPDATE: This is only true in the North American market. Those freaky Europeans kept their round headlights until '92.)
  • If it's running on gasoline, the rear-mounted, water-cooled 1.9 liter flat four is pumping out between 55 and 89 horsepower. If it's a diesel 1.6 expect something around 50.
  • Base curb weight was 2,998 lbs without the driver or anything else. Add a few hundred kilos for all the add-ons and that horsepower figure goes from laughable to somewhat terrifying.
  • It looks like it is wearing a hat. That's some kind of custom top, unlike the pop tops you'd get at Westfalia. I agree with Jalopnik commenters that it looks likea teardrop trailer up there.
  • It is hot pink. That is absolutely fantastic.

If you know any more about this wonderful VW, let your knowledge flow in Kinja below.

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