This Has To Be The Craziest McLaren P1 Yet

While this isn’t one of the road-legal P1 GTRs yet, McLaren Special Operations certainly had to go a bit crazy with the airbrush for this customer.

I’m a big fan of the black-red-white color combo, and I don’t think you have to be a weirdo fascist to agree that in most cases, it just looks cool. On the P1 though, I’m not so sure about that. But like it or not, this happened, it’s already out there, so let’s go through the details real quick:


While I can’t quite figure out what’s written on the rear wing, the car stayed in the UK and was spotted in London’s Mayfair district recently. It does look better in person. Slightly.

And this is what’s its driver is look at during London’s infamous traffic jams:


Of course this is not the first colorful P1 that left Woking, but I think I’ll stick to chassis number 84 for now.

Photo credit: McLaren


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