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This Guy's Mustang Was Hit By The Oklahoma Tornado

Illustration for article titled This Guys Mustang Was Hit By The Oklahoma Tornado

And he's still driving it.

At least that's what this post on Imgur by user Cr4yol4 says.

This guy's mustang was hit by the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma. He found it, started it up, and has been cruising around town since.


One of the comments by IhaveacatandIfuckingloveit puts it best.

You can't break a car built by freedom

This isn't the only vehicle to get hit by an OK tornado and survive. A Chevy pickup got picked up into the air and thrown across the street and its engine still turned over.


If Ford knew what was good for themselves, they'd find a little room in their budget to get this man a brand new Mustang.

(Hat tip to Kiwi_Commander and Coty!)


Photo Credit: Imgur/Cr4yol4

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Andy Sheehan, StreetsideStig

1. Buy from insurance company for $200.

2. Spend $300 on Tornado theme.

3. Conquer LeMons.