This Guy Was One Step Away From Being Crushed To Death At A Gas Pump

A habitual fuel-purchaser in West Gardiner, Maine learned the incredible value of a process known as “stepping out of the way” when an out-of-control SUV slammed into his car at a gas station.

Incredibly and happily, nobody was hurt, though the condition of the gas-filling man’s underpants, Joel Moran, is not known. Underpants experts fear the worst.

According to Maine State Police, the SUV sped through a stop sign, and then clipped another vehicle, which caused the speeding SUV driver to lose control. The SUV then drifted sideways into the gas station, where it impacted Moran’s Lincoln LS.

You can clearly see the body-freezing disbelief in Moran as he — like any of us would — struggles to get his brain to send signals to get his ass out of there, which he thankfully does, right in the nick of time. News reports and social media are calling him lucky, but I disagree — a lucky man would have been nowhere near a careening, out-of-control SUV. Lucky men get mistakenly handed free chili dogs or accidentally step onto the Pleasure Train instead of the subway.


This guy has good, working reflexes and used them to avoid serious injury.


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Well, then, I guess I was lucky last weekend when I took my kids to the zoo. I was standing in line to get some ice cream, when the person at the counter served the guy in front of me two large cones of “Twist”, when he had order one chocolate & one vanilla. So the server looks up, and says “Anyone want free ice cream?” Bet your ass I do, and thanked him as I took them off of his hands and gave them to my kids. Free ice cream is the best ice cream. Right place, right time.