This Guy Still Driving His Unrestored 1957 Corvette Has Life Figured Out

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Listening to Richard Huxley talk about the 1957 Corvette he’s had for 47 years is as relaxing as it is inspiring. He’s not interested in auction values, or catalog-correctness, or keeping the car garaged all winter. He’s interested in driving.

“It’s an investment I suppose, of sorts, if I ever bring myself to part with it,” 73-year-old Huxley says in this video feature about him and his car. “But that’s not anything to do with why I do anything to it. Any of the cars I have I do stuff for me. You don’t do it for, who you gonna sell it to next, or who gets it next, they can do what they want.”


The car looks OK, it’s not mint, it’s not ratty. It’s not stock, but it’s not heavily modified. It’s just set up exactly the way Huxley likes it. And as you can tell by watching this video, which I highly recommend you do, it sure seems like he’s loving the hell out of the thing.

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I relate to much of what this guy says. I have had a ‘67 Alfa Duetto for 27 years now, longer than any other person has owned my car. I restored it once, and now it is well on its way back to decrepitude. I came into some money when my dad died, and I thought about sending it out for a rotisserie to really fix it right instead of making it a solid driver as it is now, and I thought but man, I would worry about scratching it, and right now I just flog the thing and have fun. My goal has always been to have the last driven Duetto on the American roads. I like that goal. I took it to Nashville down I 81 a few years back, and the looks of peoples’ faces as I passed them on the highway was worth the trip. Of course it has been several years of chasing the stuff that broke on that trip, but it is almost up and running again. The only thing I disagree with this guy about is driving it in Winter. One, I freeze my head off because unlike him, I have no hair left to blow in the wind. Two, my car is made out of salt infused Soviet steel. It does not like the mere intimation of road salt. In a Vette this is less of an issue. Nice to see someone enjoy their car.